Charles Turle


Artist in Kenya

About the Artist

Charles Turle was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1969, and currently resides on the Kenyan coast near the port city of Mombasa.

He studied at the City and Guilds of London Art College, in Kennington, south London, obtaining his degree in Fine Arts in 1992.

After completing his studies he began working as an Interior Decorator for a few years in England. After sometime he decided to return to his birthplace, where he had grown up loving the African bush, and the adventure and beauty that had so captured his imagination from a young age.

With his passion for all things creative, he started Zamani Furniture (Swahili word meaning 'times past'), making intricate handmade furniture from reclaimed woods, choosing not to use any hardwoods that were not farmed sustainably, or were being taken from the Great Forests of Africa, which he continues to urge people to use more sustainable alternatives. His style was typically traditional carving and brasswork designs, incorporated into unique, one off pieces using reclaimed wood that typically required a high degree of skill to produce, due to the aged nature of the materials.

5 years ago, after a brief period living and painting in France, he decided to return to his two passions full-time, painting and his fascination with the African bush.

Through his painting, his passion has been to capture the vibrancy and intense colours that formed his life in Africa, and that any traveller will experience, on arrival in this uniquely beautiful and mysterious continent...from the simple yet awe inspiring harmony of colours on the wall of the most simple dwelling, to the last rays of the sun playing out the intense burnt umbers, yellow ochres and bamboo greens on the face of a woman who know what Africa truly is.

From the look in a big-cats eyes as it prowls through the darkening forest at twilight, something which until the invention of sophisticated weaponry and metal-clad vehicles that so successfully separate us from our ancestral world, invoked a mystical respect and wonder in the hearts of men...

Charles consistently strives to bring that something extra to his paintings, a sense of mystery and something greater than us, the greater beauty of the Natural world, and our very important part that we must play to bring harmony back to it.

He is currently offering Art Safaris in Kenya for those wishing to re-kindle their roots and find inspiration in nature. With his knowledge of the bush, he is able to offer customized safaris, working in conjunction with Expeditions East Africa (XEA) to offer an inspirational trip of a lifetime.

To inquire about paintings on the site,or should you wish to commission a painting or inquire about upcoming Art Safaris, please go to the contact page.

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