Charles Turle


Artist in Kenya

About the Artist

Charles Turle was born in 1969,and currently resides in Devon,Uk.

He studied at the City and Guilds of London Art College,in Kennington,south London,obtaining his degree in Fine Arts in 1992.

After completing his studies he began working as an interior decorator for a few years in England,and in 1995 decided to move back to Kenya,where his parents were living,and his father had a well known Antique shop in Kaunda street,downtown Nairobi.

Artist in KenyaWith his passion for all things creative, Charles started Zamani Furniture (Swahili word meaning 'times past'),making intricate handmade furniture from reclaimed hardwoods,choosing not to use any woods that were not farmed sustainably,or were being taken from the great Forests of Africa, and continues to urge people to choose more sustainable alternatives. His style was typically traditional carving and brasswork designs,incorporated into unique,one off pieces using reclaimed wood(from salvaged Arab sailing Dhows,made in the traditional style,and reclamation yards where he sourced ancient windows,doors and building materials). The furniture and installations(from wine shops,bars,restaurants,reception areas,lounges etc.),typically required a high degree of skill to produce, due to the aged nature of the materials,which were often not able to be processed with machines,requiring pieces to be made largely by hand,with a team of skilled local craftsmen. Many of his unique designs and installations are visible in well known Hotels and businesses on the Kenyan coast,from Swahili Beach,Leopard Beach,Whitesands hotel,Hemmingways,Nomads,Flamboyant,and many more.

Painting and Murals

Mural painting in the UKIn 2016,Charles decided to return to his long-term passion for painting,working in his studio in Devon,where he feels particularly inspired by the landscape,history and culture of the area. During his time as a furniture maker,Charles had always continued to paint whenever he could,and has previously exhibited in the past. However he felt that in order to be able to produce his best work,he needed to concentrate on painting as a full-time occupation,working towards exhibitions displaying a wider body of work.

Charles has also been commissioned to produce Mural paintings for businesses and houses, which is something he particularly enjoys. By incorporating larger or smaller Mural designs, both indoors or outdoors, the mood of a space can be significantly transformed, breathing new life into it.

Since a mural in ones home or business is generally a living or working environment we spend a lot of time in, a Mural becomes a kind of functional Art,which one can interact with on a more personal level. For example, a nature themed Mural could create a more peaceful ambience, even within a busy city environment,or a simple element of design, could elevate a space to give it more meaning and depth. As an Artist,Charles is always excited to look at different ideas and challenges, that can be put into practical effect, to produce maximum benefit for any space.

Through his work,Charles consistently strives to bring that something extra to his paintings,a sense of mystery and something greater than us,the beauty of the natural world,and our very important part that we must play to bring harmony back to it.

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Limited edition prints are available for most paintings, signed by the Artist. All prints are of the highest quality, and an excellent way to expand your collection, whilst getting great value at the same time.

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Charles Turle